Working with Kids in Brick Kilns

In cooperation with Masr Bokra for Development MBD, to apply the BHA-Egypt animal welfare curriculum for the young users of donkeys and mules at the Helwan brick kilns which is about 45 km away from Brooke Cairo clinic. MBD is a registered Egyptian NGO of 10 teachers and healthcare staff visit child workers in brick factories on the outskirts of Cairo and provides essential healthcare and basic education to children and young adults who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. They started last October 2016, to teach the animal welfare lessons in their classrooms. So far all lessons has been taught to an average of 80 students attending the classes. MBD received approximately 1000 child laborers, some of them are regular students who follow the illiteracy program and other irregular visitors who come from time to time for the dry meal and the Montessori classes.  In an average day the classes receive about 100 children.