Edfu Clinic Celebrates Silver Jubilee Achievements

Brooke Egypt marked 2017 as the 25th year of Edfu Clinic’s existence. It is thus with honor and heartfelt gratitude that we commemorate the clinic’s silver jubilee achievement and its continued existence as a reputable vet clinic in Edfu.

Edfu Clinic is situated in the heart of Edfu, close to the famous Horus Temple, where many horse-drawn carriages for tourists go around. Edfu clinic has served the community since 1992, with one static clinic of 7 boxes, a small sandy yard for about 10 inpatients and a single mobile clinic.

Edfu clinic is at present able to offer its services with fully renovated and equipped facilities for the accommodation and treatment of its patients. The clinic can provide free services for around 50 local communities through 5 mobile teams, hospitalize 50 inpatients in its 31 boxes and two sandy yards. There are also six shade shelters and four water troughs for animals.  Last year, the clinic team provided 72,618 treatments for about 52,400 working animals.  

The Sliver Jubilee celebration, held on May 3, was attended by our Board of Directors, the General Manager and the clinic staff. The good news that came after the event was that Edfu clinic was selected by the Board to be the Best Clinic for 2017.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017