Brooke Egypt 83 Years In A Glance

1883/ Dorothy Gibson-Craig was born in Melrose, Scotland.

1926/ Dorothy married Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Brooke.

1930/ Dorothy Brooke arrives in Egypt with her husband-a major general in the British army.

1931/ Dorothy Brooke writes a letter to the Morning Post urging the British public to help relieve the suffering of the thousands of ex-cavalry horses she encountered in Cairo.

1934/ Brooke hospital for animals establishes in Egypt.

1936/ The first annual report.

1938/ The first shade shelter and water trough establishes in Cairo.

1945/ Dr. Murad Ragheb becomes the first General Manager for Brooke hospital for animals, Egypt. 

1953/ The first Egyptian President Mohamed Nageeb visits Brooke-Cairo. 

1955/ Dorothy Brooke dies and is buried in Cairo.

1961/ Brooke expands into Alexandria region of Egypt.

1966/ Brooke expands into Luxor region of Egypt.

1979/ Ms. Jehan; the wife of late President Anwar Sadat visits Brooke-Cairo.   

1982/ The first mobile clinic establishes in Cairo.

1986/ Dr. Murad Ragheb receives Honorary Medal of HM Queen Elizabeth for his sublime efforts.  

1987/ The first lady vet hires in Cairo.  

1988/ Brooke expands into Aswan region of Egypt.

1992/ Brooke expands into Edfu region of Egypt.

1995/ Prince Charles visits Brooke-Luxor.

2000/ Brooke expands into Marsa Matrouh region of Egypt.

2004/ Brooke notifies the governmental authorities about the outbreak of Equine Flu in Egypt.

2006/ Prince Charles visits Brooke-Cairo, in celebration of 70 years anniversary. 

2006/ Brooke expands into Mansoura region of Egypt. 

2011/ Brooke rescues the tourist working equine at Pyramids area, Luxor, Edfu and Aswan.

2013/ The Veterinary Union branch in Cairo honors Brooke-Egypt, in recognition of the organization’s role and efforts in serving the veterinary profession over the past 80 years. 

2013-2014/ Brooke-Egypt, individuals and other animal welfare organizations influences the government, and presents the animal welfare article to the Constituent Assembly for amending the Egyptian Constitution, for the first time in the Middle East.

2014/ Brooke-Egypt celebrates the 80th anniversary by attendance of Ms. Ann & Mr. Richard Searight (grandsons of Mrs. Brooke).

2015/ Mr. & Mrs. Lush who are the fourth generation of Mrs. Dorothy Brooke’s family visits Brooke-Cairo.

2016/ Brig. Hassan Sami, the Former General Manager who entered the computer system in Brooke-Egypt, dies at 77. 

2016/ The Regional Union of NGOs and Civil Institutions in Cairo honors Brooke-Egypt, in recognition of the organization’s role and efforts in supporting and contributing to the community development.