Animal Welfare Curriculum

The curriculum is designed by Brooke and Masr Bokra (MBD) teachers who are specialized in informal education and Montessori methods. The curriculum reviewed by experts and practitioners in the field of informal education and development specialists in educational sciences. It consists of 16 lessons discussing the basic husbandry and welfare issues of the working animals in the shadow of the 5 animal welfare freedoms. The lessons are designed to involve the children in the welfare of the animals they use through plays, games, open discussions and practical training.

A memo of understanding was signed between Brooke-Cairo and MBD to put the project in action starting from October 2016, till March 2017. The project aim to improve the welfare of animals, in the 3 kilns where the majority of the children who attend the classes are coming from, through improving the knowledge and attitude of these children. The lessons are being taught by the MBD teachers at their classrooms which is equipped for informal education.

A welfare assessment were carried out in these 3 factories before the beginning of the project and another one will be done by the end of the project to measure the improvement. The success of the project will allow us repeat the model in other kilns.

Till the end of Jan 2017, 10 lessons has been taught from this curriculum at MBD classes. The number of attendees varied from 73 to 124 children per lesson.